H Tink Verify an ECDSA signature with JCE

This article belongs to H Verify external signature in Tink and is part 2.

Just for the purpose of a self-test we are going to verify the generated datafiles (see H Tink Generate an ECDSA signature)  in the „classic“ way with JCE.

The programm loads the 3 datafiles (e.g. ecdsa_classic_data_256.txt):

After that it decodes the data back from Base64-strings to byte arrays, recodes the Public Key and verifies the message with the signature.

This is the output on console:

The classic part is working as expected.

All sourcecodes to this solution are available in my Github-Archive with this link: https://github.com/java-crypto/H-Google-Tink. All programs run with Java 8 and Java 11.

The licence (or better unlicence) to my solution is available here: Lizenz-Seite.

Last edit: 18.11.2019